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Welcome to Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center International!

There are many reasons to choose chiropractic and specifically with Dr. Ryan J. Lee D.C.

We have proudly served the Los Angeles area and international scene for over ten years!

Thanks to the many contacts from around the globe we have expanded to serving an entire planet.

Our mission is to provide effective and long lasting natural health care through the treatment of the spine and extremities with chiropractic adjusting techniques.  Ranging from headaches to low back pain, herniated discs, foot and ankle issues, we have established ourselves as one of the premiere clinics in the world.  

Dr. Lee takes a toe to head approach towards your ailments.  We provide 3D foot scans and take a comprehensive history and thorough exam to find the CAUSE of your problems. We give you the tools to tackle nagging pains and injuries that might effect you.

Don't let other clinics tell you that nothing can be done about it.  We can work towards finding a solution to your headaches, back pain and difficulty running and exercising.  

Give us a chance and we can work with you personally!


Dr. Ryan J. Lee D.C.

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Chiropractic has been used as a natural hands on therapy to restore communication from the brain to the rest of the body through the manipulation of the joints in the spine and extremities of the body.  This can help alleviate causes of pain that comes from a biomechanical source.

Here in our office we personalize our care.  We focus on the proper biomechanics of the feet and how that affects your ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck.  

Personalized Nutritional Program

Metals, toxins and general deficiencies of the body can create pain in the body by destroying the balance of organs and their systems.  Allergy tests and comprehensive Functional Medicine tests are done by our office to help determine objectively what is happening to one's body using blood, hair, urine and stool tests.  We create personalized nutrition and exercise programs to help you continually be as healthy as possible. 

Low Level (LED) Light Therapy

NASA developed the use of low level light therapy to aid in the rehabilitation of their Astronauts.  The lights consists of short, medium and long wavelengths or in terms of visible light -blue, red and infrared.  We use this technology to help with muscle aches and pains as well as for anti-aging procedures such as reduction of wrinkles and acne on the skin.


6456 York Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90042

Los Angeles

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