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A few words during our global crisis.

At our office we have always taken the approach of being cause over our environment.  When things are tough and the stress of life seems insurmountable, whether it be work or personal, it is important to remind ourselves how strong we truly are and have the resiliency to bounce back from anything we face.   Your health is of our utmost concern.  We are spiritual beings and have minds that can influence the health of our bodies.   Every second of the day our bodies are fighting the good fight and making sure foreign particles are being removed from our systems and building memory to that destruction in order to fight off the same attack in the future.  These are antibodies. Our greatest defense against bacteria and viruses are the built-in systems of defense in our bodies.  That is our immune system. Our emotional tone WILL effect how all our systems in the body work.  Rather then being in fear or panicking, it is best to be cautious but not fearful.  Don't panic.

Yes, handwashing and social distancing should be done presently.  Personally I don't like people sneezing or coughing on me or anyone directly anyway.   


Here are my additional recommendations:

  1.   Get plenty of rest

  2.   Get exercise as well - 15 min a day of cardiovascular exercise

  3.   Sharpen your mental skills - puzzle, games, communicate with friends and family

  4.   Avoid watching too much news

  5.   Drink purified water, get a whole house water filter

  6.   Take a good quality multivitamin - Vitamin C, a fat-soluble B complex

  7.  Herbs - Give Echinacea and Golden Seal a try.  These are commonly found.  For more exotic herbs, contact our office.

  8.  Take essential Amino Acids so your body can constantly build correct proteins to fight off infections.

  9.  Get some sunlight (vitamin D) or if you're at home at night use blue, red, infrared light on your body especially the sinuses.

  10.  Get productive, clean the house, finish those unfinished projects, prepare for work by getting organized. Clarify your goals and purposes in all activities and come back stronger and better then before.

Dr. Ryan J. Lee DC

Dr. Ryan J. Lee D.C.

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Chiropractic has been used as a natural hands on therapy to restore communication from the brain to the rest of the body through the manipulation of the joints in the spine and extremities of the body.  This can help alleviate causes of pain that comes from a biomechanical source.

Here in our office we personalize our care.  We focus on the proper biomechanics of the feet and how that affects your ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck.  

Personalized Nutritional Program

Metals, toxins and general deficiencies of the body can create pain in the body by destroying the balance of organs and their systems.  Allergy tests and comprehensive Functional Medicine tests are done by our office to help determine objectively what is happening to one's body using blood, hair, urine and stool tests.  We create personalized nutrition and exercise programs to help you continually be as healthy as possible. 

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage helps promote healing by increasing blood circulation and 

releasing muscle tension in the entire body.

Our massage therapists are licensed professionals using deep tissue, reflexology, swedish, efflurage, and sports specific massage.  One hour and one and a half hour massages are available.

Low Level (LED) Light Therapy

NASA developed the use of low level light therapy to aid in the rehabilitation of their Astronauts.  The lights consists of short, medium and long wavelengths or in terms of visible light -blue, red and infrared.  We use this technology to help with muscle aches and pains as well as for anti-aging procedures such as reduction of wrinkles and acne on the skin.


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