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Welcome to the Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center, your super friendly all-in-one Hollywood and Los Angeles wellness center, providing family and holistic chiropractic services!

The Wellness Care Philosophy
When it comes your health, it's not always best to wait for something to go wrong before you do something about it.

With our new price option* we help people who want to move better, be stronger and more flexible through preventive and maintenance care. 
Call our office at 213-389-1083 or text (213) 270-4779 to schedule your appointment


 Did you see our commercial on the Rhett and Link show

Thanks to Rhett and Link and the Mythical show crew for featuring our business on their award winning show.  We had a great time filming this 'not-so-serious' commercial and have gotten a lot of great feedback from you! It was a way to put a smile on your face and hopefully give you a few laughs for the day. Chiropractic is definitely a gentle and approach to healing and we welcome you to explore this website for more information.    We look forward to hearing from you!

The Mythical Show

The Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center Commercial


Family chiropractic
At the Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center, it's our and joy to help you get and stay healthy longer and to improve your health with safe and natural methods of healing. Our chiropractic center is dedicated to giving you the best quality  business.

Pain can be linked to misaligned vertebrae and overused muscles that to .  We detect and remove these misalignments that show up as headaches, stiffness, , decreased muscle strength/reflexes and even organ dysfunction.  We call these misalignments Subluxations. 

Exercise stretchWith chiropractic care we use gentle manual techniques called chiropractic adjustments, as well as various chiropractic treatments involving heat, ice, , electric stimulation and ultrasound.

Need a massage therapist? Our also has a number of experienced massage therapists to provide your with relaxing and relieving massage therapy.

At our Hollywood chiropractic center, we believe patient education is key to help ensure the best results. As such we recommend stretches and exercises to help stabilize core muscles that also contribute to back pain.

Ryan Lee is advocate of a and as such also promotes proper nutrition. At our center you can also get a nutritional assessment with nutrition response testing and other functional medicine tests. 

Exercise ball stretchIf x-rays are needed, we can help pinpoint conditions such as , disc degeneration, fractures or bone displacement. We will refer you out to one of our recommended facilities. 

Dr. Ryan Lee not only provides (kids are more than welcome) as well as sports chiropractic (helping athletes maintain optimum health), but we're mobile too! That's right, we provide mobile chiropractic services in the Los Angeles area, so if you need us to come to you, just give us a shout!

With excellent service and commitment to your personal goals, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.  If you have any questions,  please call us here at (213) 389-1083 or email us here.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come! Also, check us out on our Yelp page!

Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center* Wellness Chiropractic Care does not include physiotherapies(heat, cold, , trigger point work, stretches or mechanical massage) or nutritional consultation.  Chiropractic adjustments are only provided.   If additional tests are required or if a person does not meet the qualifications for the Wellness/Preventive plan, they will be notified prior to treatment.  X-rays are not included.

** New patients are required to pay for an initial exam fee - $100

Accepting most major credit cards.

Ryan Lee is a Hollywood chiropractor. The Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center is located in Silver Lake, California, on the Silver Lake / Hollywood border near the 101 freeway, just off Silver Lake Blvd. Serving Hollywood, Los Feliz and the greater Los Angeles area.