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Reviews from Our Customers

Yelp -

I've been to a several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Lee is the best of the bunch. He's incredibly thorough and meticulous, and his warm personality set me at ease right away. Dr Lee's diagnosis was so spot on it was like he knew what it felt like to live in my body.
If you're reading these reviews, wondering who is going to help you move out of your pain, look no further.
I am so glad I found Ryan Lee on Yelp and scheduled my appointment. I finally feel like I'm on the way to healing!


I had been dizzy for over a year and the MDs couldn't do anything for me. they gave me some drug that was essentially an antihistamine and told me it should go away after a little while. NO, it did not! I also had migraines several times a month and was just feeling awful. Lower back pain, migraines, dizziness, ankles hurt - you get the idea - I was in pain all over.
Now, I have know Dr. Ryan for a good 25 years and he has been trying to get me on his table for a while.  i decided that enough was enough and finally came in. He popped my feet - my feet!! The dizziness which I had been suffering with just disappeared. It was GONE! That and the nausea and a very slight cold I had had for a week - all gone! Needless to say, I am continuing my treatment and I am doing fantastic!
The headaches - I haven't had one since starting the treatment. My menses which had become horrible, I have had 2 since starting the treatments and they were much milder - much less PMS, much less pain and cramping and was just easier! Bonus - no migraines!!
I am very happy I finally gave in and I tell everyone about the fantastic results I am having.
Also - the orthotics - wow! My ankles had been so very week and when I am wearing the orthotics - they are strong.
I highly recommend Dr. Ryan to EVERYONE!!
If you are in pain - go see him. He can help you!


Holy smokes. Ryan saved me. I actually didn't know how much pain I've been in until I walked around after he did his magic and felt AMAZING. I came in with an awful pain in my lower back / upper hip which I've been battling for weeks. I have minor scoliosis and have never been to see a doctor or chiropractor. I was a little nervous coming in but he made me feel right at home. He reworked all my bones and told me exactly what was wrong with me and what he can do to help. I walked out of there feeling so SO much better. I can bend, stand up straight, even BREATHE better, and feel so much more comfortable even sitting down.


Absolutely loved my visit and would recommend this to anyone seeking treatment!!! I didn't feel rushed and was able to discuss my health in great detail.


Seriously a miracle worker. Professional, personable and in touch with his patients. Also works weekends on occasion which is so helpful when you can get away from the office. Highly recommend his services.


Dr. Ryan Lee is so amazing! Personable, helpful, caring about his patients. Definitely recommend! He will fix you up and make you OK again.


My go to chiropractor ! First and foremost, I don't have enough great things to say about Dr. lee and his fantastic staff ! He moved locations but where he goes, we follow. He helps you feel better but also takes the time to explain and educate you on exactly what's happening with each adjustment and alignment. He has personally helped me with my lower back pain, foot/ankle adjustments and stiff neck.

He goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and help you feel great! He's so insightful and funny too. He was trained by the chiropractor for the 49'ers and has a ton of experience working with the best of the best from Beverly Hills to la and Hollywood.

I have recommended him to so many friends. He's simply THE BEST. He appreciates your business and treats you like family! Go go go.


I had injured my ankle multiple times from long distance running. I had tried many different ways to fix my ankle but nothing worked. My mother-in-law told me she had read about Dr. Ryan Lee and said I should give it a shot. I didn't have anything to lose so I decided to try one consultation. It was the best decision I have ever made! I noticed a difference from the very first visit and I am able to enjoy running like before I injured my foot. On my first visit he explained why I was having pain in all of the different area of my body and how to fix it long term. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan Lee.


I've been coming to doctor Lee for a while now and every time I regret not finding him sooner. They tend to always answer the phone, and Dr Lee sometimes answer himself. When they don't answer - they will always call you back within couple of hours!!! The clinic is small but beautiful and relaxing. He fixed my hip and my ankle pain. He always discuss with you about future treatment, and explain in detail every step that he is doing. Best chiropractor I have seen in the last 7 years!


I've just moved from San Diego to Hollywood and was looking for the best Chiropractor. I asked my most trusted friends and every single one of them pointed me to Dr. Lee. Wow oh WOW, I've been getting adjustments for 22 years and I must say Dr. Lee is by far THE BEST. He took his time and really got to know my body. It's now been one day since my adjustment and I feel AMAZING... My neck is finally pain free!

Thank you Dr. Lee, you are now my official LA Chiropracter!

By the way, I also got a massage from Renee who works from Dr. Lee's office and she's pure magic too.

One stop healing shop!


I saw Dr. Lee for two months and he handled my knee and lower back pain that I had for 8 years. This was a year ago or so and I still have no pain in these areas. On each visit he listens to everything I have to say, new pains turning on while being adjusted and would explain and show me why, then would take up and handle that pain too without over adjusting.

I saw him today for some shoulder pain I was having. While there, I asked him questions on the body and whys this or that and he gave me full understanding and a fantastic adjustment. He makes sure your complaints with the body are at a good point before you leave. It's pretty awesome.

He knows what he's doing and takes great care of his patients. I'm happy I found Dr. Lee, who changed my life to be free of pain.


First off, I went to see dr lee and oh man! what an experience! Dr lee is extremely professional at what he does and full of knowledge when it comes to chiropractic care. Also, he's very humorous, keeps the whole process fun and also did I mention walking out of there feeling great again. He made my back great again!! He adjusted my whole back and neck and addressed to me the problems and not to sit on my wallet! lol overall, I had a wonderful experience and will definitely go back to him. Please give him your business and you won't regret :)


Recurring lower back injury from over 20 years ago.  Recently threw my back out and the recovery time was taking longer than normal. My back looked like the leaning tower of Pisa from the swelling.  Decided to go to Ryan again since I had good experiences in the past.  He adjusted me from head to toe.  Felt a relieving sensation throughout my whole spine.  I can finally walk without limping!  Ryan's the man!


ryan is the best chiropractor i've seen in los angeles (by far)  and I've seen 4.
His technique, knowledge, advice and personality makes him hard to beat :)

he's warm, friendly, funny, patient. (don't be fooled by him goofing around because he will drop some mad science on you)... he shares his knowledge about what's going on with your body with you: cause and effect. and gives you stretches to counteract imbalances/weaknesses.

he's extremely perceptive. and his wife is equally as pleasant and lovely - as a customer - you 'will' be greeted and welcomed.

they are on hollywood blvd now. I always find metered parking on the street.

i highly recommend his service and business!


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